Tisdag 24 juli 2012

Läste en intressant artikel i The Telegraph som bl a beskrev vår framgångsrika verksamhet i UK.

Här följer ett utdrag ur artikeln och en länk:

”In keeping with its conservative approach, Handelsbanken quietly released second-quarter results on Tuesday. Many rivals will have been looking on with envy. UK lending volumes rose 29pc, deposits were up 58pc and operating profits more than doubled.

The Swedish lender has increased UK branch numbers from 44 in 2008 to 129. That’s still small in the scheme of things but it backs the surveys’ claims; there is real consumer demand for a different approach to banking. Persuading people to swap banks will be altogether harder but the demand is there to exploit.

Handelsbanken’s approach is based on devolving responsibility to branch managers to take lending decisions, eschewing profit goals or lending targets, and paying share-based bonuses only on retirement. The approach has won admirers, Sir Mervyn King among them. And, it seems, increasing numbers of customers.”

Länk till artikeln



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